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  Training on Hygiene, Nutrition and OSH at Sabrina (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing Corp, 20th, 21st, and 28th July 2012  

Cambodia Business Coalition on AIDs (CBCA) has conducted training on Hygiene and Nutrition and Introduction to OSH at Sabrina (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing Corp. on 20th, 21st, and 28th July 2012 consecutively. In the three days of this training, there were totally 64 participants who are HR, trainer, Safety and Environment Officers, Quality Control Officer and Line supervisors, as well as union representatives participated the training.

The aim of this training was to raise participants' awareness on Daily Hygiene (personal hygiene, food hygiene, environmental hygiene, and poor hygiene and its consequence), Nutrition (the tree types of food and their functions, the important of nutrition, nutrition and diet, water and water consumption, and their consequences), and Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) especially OSH Management System (OSHMS).

At the opening of each training Mr. Gasamia Chang, Chief HR Officer expressed his warm welcome to the trainers and all participants to this important training and he expected that after completing this training the participants will learn important lessons from CBCA team and put into practice in their daily live, and share with family members and other coworkers within the factory. He considered that those selected to attend this training are important colleagues and workers for the factory, so he suggested that they should play a good role model to others and also educate other on hygiene and nutrition as well as OSH measure in the factory. Mr. Chun Bora, CBCA Executive Director expressed his warm welcome to all participants and thanked the Sabrina management for supporting CBCA and allowing their staff and workers to attend the training.

Chun Bora actively co-facilitated the training with Miss Eat Sopheak, the CBCA Senior Trainers, UL Sophea, Assistant Trainer for the training on Hygiene and Nutrition and He co- facilitate the OSH training with Dr. Yi Kannitha, who is a specialized trainer on OSH from MoLVT. He also encouraged participants to actively participate in all activities during the training and asking questions.

At the end of the training Ms. Andrea Hsu represent Mr. Gasamia Chang gave her closing impression of the training. She believed that the training has been very important for all the participants and hoped that they could use what they have learned in their daily living as well as sharing with other workers, as proposed by Mr. Gasamia. Then Mr. Chun Bora, CBCA Executive Director made a brief closing remark by thanking all trainees for their active participation in the training activities and suggested all participants take what they learned to put into practice and to share with their friends, family and coworkers. The evaluation of each training conducted and participants have shown high appreciation and satisfaction of the training including facilitation skill, knowledge of the trainers on the contents, method and materials used for the training. At the end of each training session Mr. Chun Bora and Ms. Andrea Hsu have presented the Certificate of Participation of the training to all participants.

Lastly on 28 July 2012, Mr. Chun Bora presented the Certificate of Appreciation which has been cosigned by GMAC and CBCA to Sabrina (Cambodia) Garment Manufacturing Corp represented by Mr. Gasamia Chang for the cooperation and commitment in conducting trainings on daily hygiene, nutrition, and occupational safety and health in the factory.

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