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7th Working Group-Export Processing and Trade Facilitation
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Government-Private Sector Forum

Cambodia's Government-Private Sector Forum is a public-private consultation mechanism

Business environment of countries determines who the winner and who the loser is. Government all over the world work relentlessly to improve their business environments and increase their efficiency in the provision of public services.
The Government-Private Sector Forum (G-PSF) improves the business environment, builds trust, and encourages private investment through a demand driven process with the private sector identifying issues and recommending solutions. By fostering capacity and a strong relationship between the government and private sector, the G-PSF is considered a key pillar in improving the investment climate in Cambodia.

The Government Private Sector Forum (G-PSF) was established in 1999 at the initiative of the Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia to provide a reliable dialogue mechanism for consultation between the government and the private sector on investment climate issues ranging from long range policy to day-to-day operations to encourage private sector initiatives. The G-PSF provides a reliable platform for the business community to raise and resolve problems with the Government of Cambodia. The Council of Development of Cambodia (CDC) acts as the secretariat of the G-PSF. CDC facilitates dialogue within and among the joint government/private sector Working Groups, and broadly between the Government and the business community. 
Private sector representatives meet before the main Working Groups to review and comment on proposed legislation and to identify issues for discussion in the formal Working Group meetings. These Private Sector Working Groups are supported by the secretariats of respective business associations and the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce.

Throughout the year, eight private sector working groups (PSWGs) meet regularly to identify and prioritize common problems, and negotiate solutions with Government counterparts. The Forum meetings, which are the principle mechanism for direct government / private sector discussion, are held twice per year and chaired by the Prime Minister. They are formal Cabinet meetings and decisions made in the Forums are binding. To ensure wide public exposure, the Forum itself is telecast live on television and radio. The Forum is the umbrella mechanism under which sits eight Working Groups: 

  1. Working Group on Agriculture & Agro-industry
  2. Working Group on Tourism
  3. Working Group on Manufacturing and Small and Medium Enterprises
  4. Working Group on Law, Tax and Governance
  5. Working Group on Services, including Banking and Financial Services
  6. Working Group on Energy, Transport and Infrastructure
  7. Working Group on Export Processing and Trade Facilitation
  8. Working Group on Industrial Relations  

GMAC’s Role in the Forum  

Since March 2010, GMAC has been effectively acting as the direct Secretariat of the 7th Working Group, having been entrusted with the following main tasks:

  • Ensure clear organization and facilitation in order to enhance the effectiveness of the Export Processing and Trade Facilitation Working Group through:
  • Coordination the Working Group’s activities, providing support to the Executive Co-Chair and ensuring involvement of relevant business associations, chambers of commerce, legal commercial entities, and other interested business persons.
  • Organizing and facilitating Working Group meetings (with private sector and/or government representatives) by managing logistical arrangements for the WG, taking minutes of meetings, and undertaking other tasks related to the arranging and conduct of meetings.
  • Coordinating the inputs from the private sector, preparing agendas and providing additional information to substantiate the issues.
  • Coordinating with the Government on matters related to the Export Processing and Trade Facilitation Working Group.
  • Develop good working relationships with the business groups participating in the Export Processing and Trade Facilitation Working Group and Government counterparts in order to resolve issues of concern to the private sector and to support and promote policy initiatives that emanate from the Working Group;
  • Facilitate the continued development of the Export Processing and Trade Facilitation Working Group;
  • Ensure that the Export Processing and Trade Facilitation Working Group fully represents the views and issues of the business community when facilitating the dialogue with the Government.
  • Ensure effective dissemination of information generated from the Export Processing and Trade Facilitation Working Group such as content and outcomes of discussions to all members, the Government and the public as seen appropriate.   

The 7th Working Group on Export Processing and Trace Facilitation is co-chaired by:

H.E. Cham Prasidh
Senior Minister, Minister of the Ministry of Commerce 

Private Sector:
Mr. Van Sou Ieng 
Chairman, Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia
President, Cambodia Federation of Employers and Business Association



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